The Venue: Part 3

We went on a field trip today to Sandy’s hometown of Beloit. We visited the Ironworks Hotel, a newly renovated hotel along the downtown riverfront.

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Things we liked:
Fantastic decor with wood, brick, leather and “industrial” elements
Recently renovated, so hotel feels very modern
Easy access to riverfront and a new patio that will be built next summer
Only a 54-room hotel, so we could pretty much take over the space
An upscale feel that would be out-of-budget for similar settings in Madison
Comfortable, attractive rooms for guests
Within walking distance of downtown Beloit restaurants and bars

Things we didn’t:
Ceremony space only accommodates 50 people
Out-of-town guests would need to rent cars
Location isn’t meaningful for both of us

Matt was insistent that he would be onboard if Sandy wanted to get married in Beloit, and we’re both glad we took the time to visit and think about it. The Ironworks is a gem of a venue, and it’s a positive sign of the revitalization happening in the downtown area. But Sandy decided fairly quickly after our visit today that while Beloit is her hometown, Madison is our home. And that’s where our wedding will be.