Our Wedding

We tied the knot on September 25, 2015, at the Children’s Museum in Madison, Wisconsin. Our wonderful photographers took more than 850 photos — which is great for us, but probably too many for everyone else to look at. Here’s a quick snapshot of our big day.Read More »


The Venue: Part 5

It’s (almost) official: we’re holding our ceremony
and reception at the Madison Children’s Museum.

What changed? On Friday, we attended an “adult swim” event at the museum. Basically, it’s a no-kid evening for adults to explore the exhibits and do goofy activities. We went to an adult swim about a couple of years ago, which was when the seed was originally planted that the museum might be a great place to throw a big party.

Seeing the museum again in an adults-only context really helped reassure us this is the right choice for us. We went back to the rooftop and walked through some ceremony scenarios, and for Sandy, it finally clicked. She and her dad can privately walk along the sunflower garden before emerging in front of the full crowd. We can put the men on the side of the waterfall with the rougher rocks, and the girls can stand more easily on the smoother steps. There’s space in front of the waterfall for a couple of rows of chairs for the guests who really need them, and we think a short ceremony should be no problem for everyone else to stand through.

We can also put a bar and appetizer station up there so people can transition seamlessly from the ceremony to a cocktail hour, unless it’s chilly, in which case we’ll all just move inside right away.

The museum has so many weird elements that actually have a lot of meaning for us and our families, such as sunflowers, metal-art sculptures and live chickens. And we really like the idea of holding our wedding in a place that is all about education and sustainability. You can take a closer look at the museum by clicking here.

Anyway — we have a venue!