A “cheesy” toast


The day after Matt proposed, we flew to Houston for a weekend trip to watch the first-ever football game between LSU and Wisconsin at NRG Stadium. Shortly after we arrived, we headed over to Matt’s brother and sister-in-law’s house. Katy laid out a cheese spread with cute names, like “Marry Me Manchengo” and “Barnidge Brie,” along with a Wisconsin cheddar and a couple of other cheeses named in honor of the LSU Tigers and Katy’s A&M Aggies. It was adorable, and I regret being too shy to take pictures.

Chris and Katy also popped open a bottle of champagne and gave us a toast before we all went out for a seafood dinner with Matt’s dad, John; Katy’s parents; and Matt’s cousins, Brooke and Beau. We couldn’t have asked for a better engagement kickoff, and we’re also excited that Chris and Katy both agreed to be in our wedding party!


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