The Venue: Part 4

Today we went back to the Madison Children’s Museum for a formal tour with the rental director and had a chance to ask our biggest questions about the place.

We're a bit confused about how exactly the ceremonies work. "Do we stand on that rock?"How does the ceremony space on the rooftop garden work? We don’t actually stand on this rock, do we?

Answer: Yes, you really do stand on that rock.

Sandy isn’t sure the rooftop setting will work for a ceremony. It’s a darling space for cocktails and wandering around during the reception, but, well, she’s not feeling the rock of vows or its alternative: the giant metal chicken arch at the other end of the garden.

One of many jungle gyms for guests to walk/crawl through.

With the indoor option, we could have an aisle and an alter-ish thing situated between two faux mud huts, which Sandy kind of digs, and under a bone bridge, which Matt really doesn’t.

So, where does this leave us in terms of picking a venue that’s fun but also realistically functional for both the ceremony and reception?

Answer: We have no idea.


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