Why the Children’s Museum?

Nothing says romance like a giant metal bat house.

Over the past couple of months, it’s been interesting to see how other people react when we tell them we’re getting married at a kiddie ranch. The overwhelming majority of exchanges go something like this:

“So, where are you guys getting married? Here in town?”
“Yes, actually, we’re doing it at the Children’s Museum on the Square.”
(Face brightens.) “That’s really neat!”
“We think so too. Thanks!”

No one has been outright negative, though Sandy has had a couple of “huh” and “I wouldn’t have pegged that” responses. Mostly, folks are just curious about how we came to the decision we did. So, here are the reasons, in no particular order:

1. We can have the “downtown wedding” and the “garden wedding” at the same time.

2. Our money is going to support a nonprofit that is dedicated to education and sustainability and is welcoming to the entire community. It’s all about encouraging curiosity and exploration, which makes it the kind of place that represents our values much the same way a church does for other couples.

3. Every time we visit, the museum just makes us feel happy. These days, we spend so much of our time being serious, thanks to school and work. The museum forces us to let our guard down for a bit. To enjoy the setting, you really do have to relax, go with the flow and just embrace it.

It’s strange to look at Pinterest boards and bridal magazines at this point in the planning process, when so many of our major elements have been decided. It’s pretty safe to say there aren’t a whole lot of other weddings that have looked the way ours will. (We do have some models, though!) That’s great for our hipster cred, but it’s also a little scary, since there’s already so much pressure on the whole occasion. At the museum, there are several things we can’t have that seem like pretty standard wedding details, like glass, candles and, um, ceremony chairs (sorry).

But the closer we get to the big day (122 days!), the more we realize there truly is no “script” for this. There’s no right or wrong way, just our way.

And that’s a beautifully whimsical thing.


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