Springs & Greens

From Austria to Austin and back again, May’s been a busy month for us. Here’s a quick update on what we’ve been up to.


In mid-May, Matt participated in a conference in Austin, so we headed stateside for the first time since we moved. We spent some quality time with Matt’s family, and overall, the trip was … emotional. I miss lots of things about America. (Especially the waiters.) But it was also a good reminder that Europe does some things right, too. (Holy Batman, Americans spend way too much time in traffic.) Anyway. On to the pretty photos.


Backing up a couple of weeks, we made our first trip out to the Wienervald, the Vienna Woods. We went for a hike with some of Matt’s colleagues to celebrate Herrentag, the German version of Father’s Day. It’s a much bigger deal than in the States. Men go hiking. With beer. All day. In the spirit of progressivism, Matt’s friend Jens (who is German) opted to include us lady folk. So out to the woods we went. With beer. All day.


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